Beard is the New Black

Dylan Jones is a graphic designer, a beer nerd, an obsessive record collector, a connoisseur of fine meats and cheeses, a funk aficionado, a ginger, a husband, and a proud father of two.

With a keen eye for all things one-of-a-kind, Dylan boasts over 19 years of experience in brand design. He has elevated brands including Sony, Qualcomm, Hard Rock Hotel, Shure Microphones, Intel, Behr, and Taylor Guitars. Over the years his work has been featured in Communication Arts, HOW, Print, Graphis & more.

As the Creative Director for Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits, Dylan is equipped with a powerful imagination and approachability that brings out the best in his team. He is adept at seeing projects from a high level, finding strategic solutions to complex challenges and propelling the business forward with strong, conceptual designs.

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